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My coop and run

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I just finished making the chicken area enclosure today and wanted to share.
The coop i also made myself.

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So far I have gotten some criticism on the screen mesh cover due to predators possibly ripping through it. But I haven't gotten any possible tips on how to repel them without having to redo the whole enclosure. Tips and realistic advice is very welcome.

I also have not to many questions on the design and build.

As it stands now, in my area this has proven to be raccoon resistant. All my chickens roam freely without having to close them in the coop at night and are still ok. And it's been a little while, almost a month.
I know raccoons have tried to get in and have failed. I've heard them.
That is the only predator in my area worth noting. Other predators in my area won't be able to climb the bottom 5' metal fencing or be able to rip into the screen.

It may be a good idea to get one of those solar light deterrents just to be extra careful.
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Cool design!  Did you use PVC pipe for the run?  Is the nesting boxes open on the top?  I'd be a little nervous leaving it like that but it IS in the run.  Our nesting boxes are outside  the run so have a locked roof

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