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Need coop size advice.

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I will be getting 4 hens after I build a coop with a small run. What size do you suggest for the coop  with roost and 2 outside accessible nest boxes without the run....4 x 4, 4 x 6, or 4x 8 ? They will have a chicken tractor for daytime use and be put in the coop at night.

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The fairly standard, minimum requirements are: 


4 sq ft per bird for the coop

1 ft roosting space per bird

10 sq ft per bird for the run


If you can, its always better to maximise the space available for your chickens as this will result in a less stressed, happier flock.


Good luck



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Thanks but I need the answer to be one of the sizes I asked about.
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Honestly the answer is the largest coop you can make and afford to make. It always starts as 4 chickens and then multiplies. So my suggestion is if the biggest coop you can make is a 4 x 8 make a 4 x 8. 

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Thanks. I would like to have more than 4, but that is all I need.
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