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Weird rattle in New Pair

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I bought an adult pair of Salmon Faverolles yesterday, they are currently in quarantine away from my flock. Seemed good yesterday, but this morning the hen has a bit of a rattle when she breathes. Both are just a year old, 2015 hatch. Hen is bright and alert, eating and drinking (if a little unsure of her surroundings). I can't see any discharge either from her nostrils or eyes. Any ideas what might be going on?

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Good move on quarantining them.

It could be a number or respiratory illnesses.

Sometimes an illness can present itself when stressed, such as coming to a new home.


If it were me I would consider contacting your local agricultural agency or vet to see if they can perform a test to see if she has a contagious illness before introducing her to your flock.

The results of the test would determine how to go forward, unfortunately if it were something that could/will be contracted by all flock members and make them "carriers for life" some hard decisions may have to be made.

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Yeah, my background is in horses and I was always taught to quarantine new animals so at least they've been nowhere near my flock yet. 

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