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Poorly Chicken

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Hello to everyone at Backyard Chickens!  My name is Elle and I live in Hertfordshire in the UK.


I'm hoping someone can help me because I have a poorly chick.  My hen is a Rhode Island Red and she hasn't eaten or drunk any water since yesterday.  She is very docile and when I picked her up this morning she opened her mouth and what looked like blood stained saliva ran out.  She won't leave the brood box or mix with the other hens (I have 3 in total).  I am very worried - anyone any ideas?



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Welcome to BYC.


Can you separate her so you can give her some TLC?

What does her crop feel like?

What does her abdomen feel like?

Have you observed any injury?

Any photos of the saliva and her?

Chickens can become dehydrated quickly so you will need to get some water into her.

An eye dropper or needle-less syringe may help if she won't drink. Place a drop or two of water along the outside of the beak, they will usually pull the water in by themselves. Another option is tube feeding.

Offer her regular feed (you can wet it), some hard boiled egg, or tuna to see if she will eat.

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Hi welcome-byc.gif Elle

Sorry to hear you have a poorly hen. My first thought would be a crop issue. Have a read of this article and see what you think ~
Does it smell? I would seperate her from the others to giver her a bit of peace and quiet.
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Hello. Thank very much for the article. It made me realise just how much I don't know! My hen seems a little better this afternoon but I will check out her crop when I go out to the run in about an hour or so.
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Thank you so much for all your advice.  I'm going to look into each suggestion. I've got so much to learn!

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No problem:)

I think we all have a lot to learn about chickens.

I wish you well.

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