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My six week old houdan was attacked by something not sure if a cat or the rest of the flock dogs this, but I have no idea how to treat or if even treatable!
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Get some antibiotic cream, you can find it in the feed stores, they male one that dyes the wound blue (you might go with that) neosporin, without the pain medication will work tonight.
I would go ahead and clean, then wrap the wound, using the cream. Keep the bird seperate. I have heard some people recommend using superglue to tie the skin back together, I cannot tell if that is even an option.
Looks like a cat, or other predator
How does the bird act?
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She's pretty lethargic, up until I try to put cream and a wrap on her, then she's pretty feisty. She ate, drank, and pooped, though now she's just hunkered down in her towel. I don't think I have her wrapped correctly, but at least there's a shelter bandage keeling her feathers out of it.
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Sounds like you are doing what you can. Keep it clean, keep her seperate, maybe you both will luck out. And be warned what ever attacked will try again
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