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Need help with coop

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I am getting some Buff Orpingtons - if as planned, will have 3 hens and one rooster.  The enclosed run area they will have is 16' x 16'. The area where the chickens will be has open farm field to the south and west, so it gets pretty windy at times. The questions that I can think of right now are:


1. coop size, taking into consideration that on cold, windy days they might not be agreeable to leaving the coop. I can put up tarp to help block the wind. I am planning on using 48" x 40" pallets as my framework for the coop and add exterior nest boxes. I'm not sure if the size of one pallet for floor space is enough or if I need 2.


2. which direction and what size should the pop hole be


Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks

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Minimum space recommendations per bird are : Coop 4 sqft, Run 10 sqft and roost 1ft. The larger the space you can give you flock, the better.


I'd imagine putting the pop door in the lea of prevailing weather would be best. My pop door is 12inch * 12 inch and its fine.


Good luck



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Thank you, CTKen, for your help. This is a new journey for me and I'm looking forward to it.

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You are most welcome and I wish you the best of luck

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