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Brooder help!

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I am setting up my brooder and I put a 75 watt light bulb in the the lamp. It did not get anywhere near 90 degrees. I did use a curly light bulb thinking it wouldn't burn out as fast. I'm thinking maybe that kind of bulb doesn't get as hot? Anyway I would rather not use the 250 watt bulb because I am terrified of leaving the house with that on. Should I try a 75 watt regular bulb or another curly bulb but 100 watt? The brooder is inside my house and we keep the house at about 71 degrees. Also it being spring time, will these ducks not need the brooder as long? What do you guys use other than the 250 watt?

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I use a red heat lamp bulb ( that I got fit my baby chucks) and a medal Clamp lamp light for brooder s.
If you make sure that whatever it is clamped on us sturdy and can't fall over you should be fine.
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I use a heating pad. Terrified of fires, and every year we have at least one fire or near fire reported on BYC. I'm on my dumb phone so I can't provide you a direct link but if your type Mama Heating Pad in the Brooder, it will come up. Believe it or not, you can even Google it and get there. At first there was a trickle of other people who started using it, but word spread from them like wildfire and now hundreds of people have chucked the heat lamp out the window.
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go to mamma heat pad brooder.


way better, you can do outside, less chance of cocci. 


Works great brooded 2 sets of 25+ chicks with it.  OUTSIDE.  :)

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Just this.  Everyone free ranges my 1/4 acre fenced yard.


My broodies hatched every egg I gave them (well the Cochin  left everyone wreck her winter eggs)  but still hatched three in January in 25 inches of snow.  


Lost one broody chick to her sister broody with her own chicks, chick got into the wrong pen. Last summer.  Not Cocci.


The rest lived and thrived!!!!  


Moral to me.  Broody Mommas chicks dont die of Cocci.  BROODER CHICKS do.  Sooner outside the better!





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Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
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Does the heating pad stay on 24/7? Will the heating pad be able to handle being on constatly if so?
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It is on 24/7, and I've had no issues whatsoever - even when it's been on for months at a time - batch of chicks in, batch of chicks out, repeat until all the chicks are raised.


All of the information you need, and how all of the folks who have tried this method say they'll never go back to heat lamps because it's so much safer and the chicks do so well, can be found here:


Ooops, edited because I didn't see Chris had already given the link.  Sorry.  :hide

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Ok I think I'm going to give it a shot! I've only got tonight to get all of that ready before the ducklings arrive in the am!
Thank you!!
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Oh one more question does it matter which heating pad I get just as long as it has a stay on function and an adjustable heat setting?
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