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Camper Reno.

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Okay, so everyone who has redone or redecorated a camper- I need your help!
I'm buying a camper, hopefully today if all goes well, to live in temporarily (which could mean a few months or could mean more than year, depending on how slow my parents are with some things) and once I get it I'm going to renovate it in attempts to make it slightly less redneck lol. So far, and nothing is 100% decided yet, I'm thinking bead board wallpaper, becuase even though I'm 99% against wallpaper, it actually looks nice, and is cheap. And I've got a ton of new snap together wood flooring that's just sitting in an attic that I can use for the floors. Probably will paint the cabinets light grey or white, and then paint the counter tops to look like marble or granit. And I'll repaint anything else that needs it, with the appropriate kind of paint (stove, bathtub, etc.), I want to chalk board paint the fridge, if it has an ugly fridge, and reupholster all the cushions and get new curtains. So far, how does this sound? And does anyone have any better/cheaper/cuter ideas?
Also, my big question, I hate the way the outside of campers look, so I'm going to add a porch on it, so it'll look better and be more sturdy than an awning, and I was wondering.. Does anyone ever put siding on a camper?
If it's possible I'd like to do wood, or wood looking, siding. That way it's got sort of a rustic feel on the outside and then a nice clean open feel on the inside.
Thoughts? Opinions? Advice?
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I sounds nice but if u do that wallpaper thing Wallpaper is a hard thing to do u have to do the glue stuff and gently scrap the paper nice and evenly up and over the glue. Good luck hope it turns out as planned
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Was going to do wallpaper because I thought it already had wallpaper in it, but luckily it's just paint, so I'll probably just paint it now! I've been trying to find a way to make the outside not look like a camper, without making it look tacky
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What if u paint it but sort of scrub some of the new paint off to make it reveal The colors under the new paint to almost make it look rustic like u mentioned
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That probably wouldn't be a bad idea but the paint that's on it is white with these weird blue and purple designs, so I'll probably just go over it with white! And white cabinets too, sort of how a farm house would be painted. And the floors will look wood and I'll probably do a copper tile backsplash in the kitchen, not sure what to do about the countertops yet, probably try and make them look granit and then just use a lot of rustic decorations and reupholstering. Hopefully it doesn't turn out too bad!
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With he counter tops u could do tile and then with the cabinets you wanted rustic u could sand the paint off them and then paint them black and go around the edges with ur sand paper or sander to get it down to the wood and hen it would look like this
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See like this
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That's not too bad, does look rustic. I think I'll probably try white first just becuase it'll make everything brighter and more open looking, but if it looks bad something like that would be a good option, I've been looking on Pinterest a lot for ideas, I think I'll put the tile thing in and see if I can find some good pictures of it
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