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I am LuckyDuck190! Lucky is the name of my Duck, Lucky. She is currently sick and cannot walk. She can stand though and takes tiny baby steps and stays up right. But when she is with her friends, (The other nine Ducks) She gets too excited and stumbles constantly. Me and my Mom gave her some vitamins and put them in her water. We also fed her two cans of tuna fish and a bag of saltines. She drinks the water and is some what in high spirits. But, i am REALLY conserned for her and she is my most fav duck and i dont wanna loose her like my friend did her chicken from the same thing.(They put it down) she is a fawn and white runner duck and she is the yellow duckling in my hands in my profile. (I think i put the pic on right) Any help or advice other than what i said would be great! We also have her inside the house in a plastic tot without a cover of course. With crackers and food!



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Are you giving her any niacin supplements or Brewers/Nutritional Yeast?  Ducks need niacin to develop strong legs.

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how old?

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Yes, i am giving her Niacin, we fed her two cans of Tuna fish and that has Niacin in it. And, the vitamins also have Niacin. She is a year and a half, and she is a fawn and white runner. She kinda seems.....Mentally unstable. Like, she can stand, and walk 10-15 steps then stops, lifts a foot up, and wags it around, usually falling over. Or, she gets overly excited when she gets to see her friends and constantly tips over. We put her in our bath tub with warm water and gave her tums, but she is not egg bound either. We take her out every day and put her in a tub of water to exercise her legs without her falling over, then let her walk (Usually falling because of leg wagging) She has a little bump with a crack in its middle. She has had it for a long time, no problems. But we think maybe its our problem. It is not red or doesnt look like it hurts either. It is just like a normal part of her foot. Please try to help and do whatever you can. She is my favorite duck out of my ten and the only Fawn and white runner. She is also the friendliest and loves me the most. Our whole flock follows me. I just love her too much to loose her and it would be like tearing out my heart if she passed. I love her SO muck and care about her. I hope she gets better. Please help me.:jumpy     Please! i have had her since a baby when she had the cutest little mowhawk. Please help!

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Since you said part of the foot looks different, I saw this thread the other day, do you think this could be a possibility for your duck?


Maybe your duck's leg has gotten worse over time to the point where she's unable to walk on it.  Can you take her to a vet in your area?

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MY DUCK IS GETTING SO MUCH BETTER! She walks but once in awhile wags that one foot. It is healing, i know that part. She goes out to her friends and she doesnt get overly excited anymore. She only fell once today. She looks better too.She is doing fine but any info would be helpful. 




ps: if any of you needs help then i would be happy to! I know alot about ducks and am willing to help any way i can.  :ya

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