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missing feathers

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I am totally clueless.  I thought this was mites or lice. I have treated them , hosed and scrubbed their coop from top to bottom.  I have tried DE, 7 dust, and medicine.  Nothing is working.  I figured it was mites cuz we had soooo much rain for the last 4 or 5 mths. But I have not found any on any of them. I clean their coop out every Sunday faithfully.  I don't hose it out every week but I clean the shavings etc. 


They don't act sickly or anything.  They are not picking on each other.  I have 49 girls and half of them have this problem.  They are still laying eggs too.


Any ideas?



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You may not see them pecking one another, but it looks like they are doing that. When new feathers start to grow in, they are probably pecking them back out. Pecking can lead to cannibalism and vent damage. Get some Nustock cream from your feed store or online and apply it to bare spots daily or as needed to keep them coated. BluKote is another good treatment to hide the red bare spots. Make sure they are not over crowded, let them outside to roam daily, make sure they are getting a balanced layer feed, and don't use extra coop lighting for more than 12 hours a day.
I would also recheck their skin for tiny bugs around the vent and elsewhere. Mites need treated every 7 days, and lice need it every 10 days until bugs and eggs are gone.
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Thanks I will get that for them.  They are not over crowded.  there coop and covered yard is huge.  And when not raining I let them out in the big yard to graze in grass every day.  I sit with them because of hawks. They get  good layer feed and many treats including yogurt.  There light in coop is on a timer and is only on 10 hours a day.  And they have air conditioning too.  I will recheck for mites again.


Thank you

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