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Broody ate her baby :(

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I can't see any other way. Half the shell is there, but no baby anywhere at all. She only had 1 other egg so I took it and put it in the incubator. Very sad..
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Is the hen in a closed cage\pen? Is there any other way it could have been another animal? I'm sorry for your loss. :hit

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It could be that the chick died naturally?



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Would the broody have eaten her if she died naturally though? 

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I would have thought it possible (but i have no direct experience of this)

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I had wire over the front of her box but she and her sister were both sitting on same nest. One of the 2 of them must have done it. Thanks.
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Make sure to search through the bedding. Baby could have fallen out and gotten trampled/suffocated.
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I looked everywhere. No sign at all sad.png
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Yikes. Sorry. sad.png
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