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Hi, so i'm going to post some pictures for background:













So now i'll tell you my story:


1st. I got coturnix quail eggs which are in the incubator (hatching next week) and realized the by law says that birds of the family phasianidae are not allowed, so then I decided in order to get a bird that's allowed i'd have to go to the exceptions and I decided to get a license to keep Bobwhites (they are endangered and you need a license for that). So my license is approved coming shortly... however they make much more noise than coturnix, bobwhites that is, so I might not get to keep them if neighbours complain.


2. I realized that new world quails aren't of the family phasianidae, however again, I don't want a noisy bird which will cause my neighbours to complain. If my neighbours complain they'll either be taken away or the town will come up with some other by-law.


3. Now get this: Phasianidae aren't of the order Gaviiformes they are of the order Galliformes. See the difference!!! So the town made a mistake/error this loop-hole would allow me to keep quails/chickens etc. 


Now I only want to keep coturnix quails and some bobs. For bobs I've been approved of keeping 30 with my license. Now for quails since the town made a mistake and quails are part of Galliformes which aren't on prohibited animals list in the by-laws, would I be able to keep them? If the town comes and investigates my coturnix or bob noise will I be able to go to court/fight (or whatever the process is... idk) it? What are some thoughts/wisdom for me in this situation? My neighborus are very friendly with us, coturnix noise I think they would deal with, bobwhite noise even (maybe) but I don't want to upset them or get into a dispute. If they approach me i'd get rid of them or find a way to make em quiet (move em to shed).


All help would be beneficial. 



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