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Anyone know?

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I have a gold sex-link chicken that's about a couple years old. She's super friendly and loves people. She hates being kept in the coop and I can never keep her in it. She was roosting in the trees but now she's roosting on our porch and laying eggs on the railing at night. Thought this was peculiar behavior but does anyone know why?
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Is she a lone chicken or do you have others? If the latter, then there is something going on with your coop that she does not like. It could be a number of things, but better if you can provide further info, and maybe a pic of your coop.


Best wishes



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I have many others and they love their coop. At least I hope. We had to Board up the sides because predators kept getting them. So if anything that's definitely why and she doesn't feel safe in there. I was mostly wondering why she lays eggs on our railing. She lays them other places too but our railing? And at night? I just find it weird but also funny
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Well, maybe she's just a bit of an oddball? Its both a strange location and time to lay eggs, but i guess she just feels safe and comfortable there? 

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Maybe she just wants to be as close to the humans as she can.  I have one that I have to put up every night or she trys to sleep in the bush next to my bedroom window.  She'll lay her head against the window and stare at me...kind of a creeper.  ;)


She also trys to come in the house to lay eggs.    She's laid them on our aussie a few times.  He's 19 though and doesn't do much, I could see how he could be mistaken as a rather warm and fuzzy nest.

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Yeah I think so! Mine tries to come inside all the time!!! But she's reaaaalllyyy not safe on the porch so I'll have to do something about that.
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