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Chick emergency!

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I lost one that seemed perfectly fine yesterday and today another is looking in bad shape! This one had some poop stuck but I cleaned it up and took out the feed and just left water mixed with probiotics. I trek go get it to drink but it won't. Any ideas!?
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Have u stuck its beak in the water
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Yep! Tired for about 5 minutes. It won't even move its mouth like is trying to drink. Then it will just sit there with its head down.
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You may need to use a saryinge to drop water in its mouth if you feel comfortable about it.
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At this point I'm willing to try anything! It's a 50/50 situation....I'm thinking I'm going to have to run to the store and get some nutri drench, I can mix that in the water and give it some in the dropper
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Keep me posted on it's health but try using dropper
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Didn't make it....I added some Drench to the water tonight and hopefully I won't have anyone one tomorrow 😞
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I'm so sorry did it try to drink any after using the dropper?
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Yep, it got some. But I was trying not to drown it
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Hi I am having the same problem. I thought she was dead this morning but barely alive. I gave her about 6 syringes of nutri drench mixed with water and now doing it every 10-15 minutes. She did actually sit up and ate a little cheese from my hand( only thing she will eat)
Does anyone know how much nutri drench is too much? I would like to add more but not sure. I should have done this two days ago as I have her isolated with the nutri water but she wasn't drinking much. Probably dehydrated too. I'm waiting on my Corid which arrives today and I'm going to treat the entire flock. I think it's coccidiosis, but not sure. This chicken is older but I lost a young one the other day that was fine the day before. Any help would be great, thank you, Nat
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