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Chick emergency!

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I lost one that seemed perfectly fine yesterday and today another is looking in bad shape! This one had some poop stuck but I cleaned it up and took out the feed and just left water mixed with probiotics. I trek go get it to drink but it won't. Any ideas!?
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Have u stuck its beak in the water
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Yep! Tired for about 5 minutes. It won't even move its mouth like is trying to drink. Then it will just sit there with its head down.
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You may need to use a saryinge to drop water in its mouth if you feel comfortable about it.
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At this point I'm willing to try anything! It's a 50/50 situation....I'm thinking I'm going to have to run to the store and get some nutri drench, I can mix that in the water and give it some in the dropper
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Keep me posted on it's health but try using dropper
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Didn't make it....I added some Drench to the water tonight and hopefully I won't have anyone one tomorrow 😞
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I'm so sorry did it try to drink any after using the dropper?
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Yep, it got some. But I was trying not to drown it
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