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Injured silkie chick leg

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Around a month old blue silkie has injured left leg I have put the chicks and my rabbit in the same old rat cage wire top several times in the grass when it's nice and two days ago I went out to grab them and the rabbit had the chick down it was on her with the leg out behind it little blood on its back like the rabbit bit it I need help what do I need to do with the leg it seems like it can push off with the leg but not pull it back up she manages to get it under her to sit but she isn't walking she flaps and moves she been eating and drinking but today I picked her up cause she was in the water flapping and her toes seem to be curling in from not walking on it please someone help want to make it so she can survive and have a chance at a mobile life I've seen chickens with messed up legs and manage to get around just really sad I never thought the rabbit would do this feel really bad
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Should I be splinting it up so if it does heal it's healed somewhat correct position someone please respond never dealt with a leg injury
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Please reply she's healthy eats drinks but can't really walk she flaps and drags her one leg think the wrist it ankle is damaged seems swollen today
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Im super new to this, but my week old blue silkie was doing the leg splay too. Its not from the bedding, but she's doing alright now. I think if your chick is eating and drinking she should be okay. Just watch her. The leg sounds like its sprained. Make sure to clean any wounds you find promptly, just like you would with any other animal. Hopefully somebody with more know how replies soon. Just try to relax and stay calm, she sounds like she's doing okay.
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Also, try to handle her as little as possible, aside from helping her right herself. Two days ago mine was laying on its back and holding its leg out, now she just seems kinda tired but she's walking on it.
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