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Chicken coop/run sizes

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I am new to raising backyard chickens and have a very elementary question.  Everything I am reading on the size of coop I require is 10 square feet per chicken (since mine are not able to free range).  But, here is my question:  Is the 10 sq/ft "including" my run, or is that strictly the size of the coop I need to make sure these girls have plenty of room?  I am looking at a building a 10wx8d coop with a 10wx12L run which will make it 10x20 overall and achieve my 200 sq/ft. Will this be sufficient?  

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Coop recommendation is 4 SF per chicken (do not count the egg laying box area), and run 10 SF per chicken.  How many chickens do you have, or are you getting?


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I will be running 20 hens.
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10x8 (80 SF) coop would be good for 20 hens, but a 10x12 (120 SF) run would only be good for about 12 chickens.  You don't combine the areas, you calculate them separately.  


Also, would be nice for you to join the Oklahoma thread (Okies III); just type it in the search button and subscribe.  Very nice people.

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Great!! thanks for the info and the invite to the Oklahoma thread.  Looking forward to it!!

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