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Two nest boxes for 11 hens enough? - Page 2

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Very cool, where did you get the plastic tubs?

You can buy them at any Chinese store selling plastic tubs,bins, etc. Shops selling Tupperware may also have. 

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Originally Posted by CluckerCottage View Post

I have heard of people using the large plastic kitty litter tubs (the ones with handles) and turning them on their sides. Also have seen plastic round pails used as nest boxes.

Currently I'm using plain white dishpans purchased from Wal Mart. We cut a U shape on the front sides of them and sanded them so there'd be no sharp edges.

This allows the girls to get in and out with ease. My girls are considered large (BR's, etc..) and they have no problems.

They fit perfectly into the nesting boxes and we fill them with fresh hay.

Very easy to clean, too!

Yes good practical idea and if you can find it at Wal Mart that makes life easier

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