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Heat lamp question

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I have 6 five week old Americaunas .
They are in a draft free coop with vent.

Temperatures here right now range from 21c (70f) down to 1-2c (34-38) at nite.

How long do i need to keep the heat lamp on?
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As long they can get away from light when there too hot.. I'd go few more weeks.. sometimes I change the bulb out for lower wattage to get them used to cooler temps
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Chicks need you to assist them in weaning off heat beginning at the end of their first week. As they grow in feathers to replace their down, they need approximately five degrees less heat each week. If chicks happen to be in a cool environment, they will feather out more quickly, and will need you to reduce the temperature of their heat source even more.


If you've been gradually reducing the temperature under their heat source, they should be ready to live without any heat, by the time they have completed growing in their feathers around four weeks as long as the ambient temperature remains constant. If you move them to a cooler environment, you may need to expose them gradually to cooler temps first. No extra heat is necessary, just acclimatizing.


However, if you haven't been reducing their heat as they grow in their feathers, they will require acclimatizing, gradual exposure to cooler temps while at the same time reducing their heat source.


To put it simply, abrupt temperature changes aren't a good thing. You need to do it gradually.

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Thanks for the reply.


My chicks were raised from day olds in a heated garage (about 65F) with a heat lamp about two feet off the floor.  The chicks had room to move as close or far away from the lamp heat as they needed.


After about four weeks, I built a shed and portioned off half (about 6ftx8ft) for the chicks.    The heat lamp is about 2 ft off the floor in here as well.  The floor is pine shavings.  Its pretty cozy and I noticed last nite they still like the heat lamp. :)


Im going to put the heat lamp on a timer today so that it only comes on at nite when its cool.


Im also going to raise it a few inches this week and next to ween them off it.


Please advise if this seems reasonable.



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Absolutely! Anything to gradually reduce their need for heat.

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