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Help please!

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First time chick mom....i got our chickies today and one of them has something going on with her eyes. They are both crusted over. I called the breeder and they said it's likely the yolk dried on there and to take a soft towel and warm water and remove it. I used a Qtip to apply water and gently rolled it but nothing is coming off. Here are a few pictures. Any advice is appreciated!



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It could possibly be an eye infection give it a day or two but watch them closely and make sure they eat an eye infection can blind chicks. But if it's just yolk it will fall off soon.
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Thanks! I have separated her from the rest of the chicks. Is that the appropriate thing to do?

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Yes, if it is an eye infection it can spread very quickly. So just watch here for now and see what happens.
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UPDATE: the chick is not doing well. I very gently used a tip and warm water on her eyes. I didn't rub I only rolled the tip. I then put tetramyacin on both eyes. I used a qtip to apply sugar water to the side of her beak. This afternoon I went to pick up my kids from school and came home to her having scrstched her eye and bleeding. Either a scab came off or part of her eye. Her little eyes look like ulcers. Please , if you can advise me on what to do is be so grateful! I hate that this little chick is suffering! I have a video but can't post it here. Here is s photo [IMG]
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Did it get better?
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I took her to the marine science center to get the care she needed. If she survives they will keep her there.
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Oh ok
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