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Help: Chick can not stand up

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After a bad hatch (2 out of 7 hatched), one of my chicks keeps falling over and lying on its side and can not easily get back onto its feed.  


It is 48 hours old now. I noticed this problem when I put it in the brooder at 24 hours old and was thinking splay leg as the way it is holding its leg out was a bit funny.  


I made a brace for the leg out of my daughter's hairband and a piece of straw and this has been on for 24 hours.  Yesterday evening it was seemingly a little better but this morning it is worse.  


Basically, it still can not readily get itself back onto its feet.  If I stand it up, it will stand for a little and try to move before falling over on its side again.  The poor thing seems exhausted from trying.  


Is there any hope?  I don't want to end up with just one chick :(  

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I had this happen yesterday with one of my newly hatched quail chicks. I asked here on BackYard Chickens and someone replied saying that I should try putting it in a cup for short amounts of time, but frequently, so that it has to stand up. You can look at the thread on my profile.

I hope this helps!

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Could you post a pic of the chick? Is one leg deformed?

Have you been making sure it's eating and drinking something? It will need to keep its strength up if it's going to have a chance. I know it's awful but I would start looking for a couple of friends of the same age as your chicks just incase this one does not make it.

Sometimes with all the will in the world they just done hatch healthy.
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Thanks. We are trying the cup, but it just falls over in the cup! :(


I'm not sure if the leg is deformed or not.  It doesn't look it, but it does hold it out in a funny way.  I think it is exhausted from trying. 


We spoke to a chicken breeder earlier.  Although they didn't see it, they thought we had done everything that we can.  Nature will just need to decide live or die  :(


In terms of 'friends', whilst speaking to chicken breeder we did manage to buy a couple of Cream Legbars and a couple of Buff Orpington chicks.  They are three days older than healthy chick so she / he will have some nice friends.  At least with the cream legbars, we are guaranteed two hens! :)

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That's great news that you have friends lined up, fingers crossed for your little one fl.gif
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