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incubator help please

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my homemade incubator wont keep a steady please

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I've not made an incubator but check out this article ~

It's most helpful on homemade. Good luck fl.gif
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Give some details about your bator, heat source, bator material, thermostat, any relays? I make cabinet ones out of 4" thick styrofoam wrapped in metal, all low voltage (I'm off grid) so that was the main focus of my design. It's not letting post any pics though.
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This is a new one I'm doing, still a lot of to do to it yet.
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i have a incubator made from a stand up freezer its about 21 inches by 21 inches. its about 5 foot tall.pretty well insulated from what i can tell.i built tilting racks in it to turn the eggs im gunna put it on a timer. i have a fan in the top pushing air down. theres two light sockets in the top wired to a water heater thermostat. and i also put another termostat in the bottom with another bub hooked to it.So they both just turn off and on wen they get ready to.

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Is staying to hot? You may want to cool it also. That's my biggest problem in tx, gets too hot. Cut a hole and mount a fan blowing air out of the bator, hook it up to another thermostat set at a higher temp.
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heres pics of whatim working with.Intel(R) IPP JPEG encoder [7.1.1]

Intel(R) IPP JPEG encoder [7.1.1]


second pic shows the fan i got in the top pushing air in. i got a small hole like a drill bit hole at bottom to let air out on bottom side.

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Nice looking setup! The fan pushing in, when does it kick on? Is it for cooling? If not you may wanna turn it around and add some (dryer vent) louvres to stop it so your bator does not thermo cycle itself when nothing is on. Just keep in mind the thermo cycle thing, a lot of air can move around with out you even knowing.
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Thanks. the fan runs full time even if the lights are off. I started with just two bulbs in the top and had the fan pushing the air to the bottom. but I took one bulb out of the top when I added another light and thermostat to the bottom. why would I add dryer vent what does that do. I just kinda put stuff together with pics and videos haha. the problem seems like it might have to do with the termostats or some thing I saw that they should be pretty close to the light for radiant heat. I got thermometers on the top and bottom that show what the max and minimum temp has been but sometimes the thermometer says itll be 99 to 100 max and the minimum is always like 93 or 95

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The vent is so you won't loose hot air unless you want to. Maybe go with a smaller fan, the might be pushing around more air than what the lights can keep up with plus it's pulling in ambient temperature that could be fluctuating. All I use for my refrigerator bators and the ones I make are two 120mm PC fans, one for circulation and one to cool it down. You can get those fans in AC if your not running any DC on your setup. I use one 60watt build at the top, have a shelf that blocks the light then I have the fan positioned so it circulated around (as if you were looking at it straight on). Hope that makes sense. Amazon has those digital thermostats for cheap, comes with a probe, the ones I use can turn a heat source on or a fan for cooling (dual purpose) you will have to run a relay though (they are dirt cheap also) then position the probe dead center of your bator.
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