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What is this?!?!

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Wasn't sure how to post this title in this forum.  This is one of my Delaware's and she has this growth?? just below her vent towards her stomach. It is very soft and spongy/jelly, like a soft squishy baggie. It has 3 ???...looks like fat globules(pic 1,3)??? on the side, and there is one small scab (pic 1). There are no feathers on this area.  I noticed it when she was eating and when her head was down it kinda looked like her rump was bare. She seems completely normal, eats, comes running when I have treats, lays eggs, jumps up on the perch. 

  All my hens get organic feed and free range.  So just guessing... tumor??   Do chickens get hernias???  

Any info or direction for me to research would be greatly appreciated. 

Blessings, Julie


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My friends chicken had something like that and it was a lot bigger. She lived for several years but recently died. When they did a necropsy it just looked like a hernia.

As long as she is till acting normal, I would just keep an eye on her.
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