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Weird behavior

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Our chicks are about 5 weeks old or so. I have a buff Orp that started doing this sneeze like thing about a week ago. Hasn't eaten well and hasn't been roosting well. Otherwise her activity and energy is fairly normal. Drinking ok. Now she is doing this crazy squawk. A lot! Like every 3-4 secs. She is also mouth breathing. Any ideas?
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Sounds like a potential respiratory infection. I would offer supportive care--most often it is viral, although a secondary bacterial infection can arise and make the bird a lot worse. Watch the other chicks carefully. It may be that she doesn't have as robust immune system as they do...or it could be that they are still in the incubation phase of illness.
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At the very least you may wish to consider giving the whole flock vitamin supplements / electrolytes in their drinking water as it can help boost the immune system. 



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