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Scared of the coop?

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I recently moved my home hatched chicks outside along with three bought chicks of about the same age. They are loving the large run that they now have but four of them seem freaked out by the coop. The first night, we lifted them all inside on the perches and blocked up the doorway so they couldn't get out. Second night, we did the same.
Third night, one had already put herself to bed and we took the others in through the door rather than the roof opening so they knew where the door was. Four of themHATED it.

Fourth night, three had put themselves to bed and four were asleep on a perch in the run. I lifted them to the doorway and it took 20 minutes to actually get them inside. It was as if they were scared of going in. I've never experienced this before. Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on ? Or how to solve it?

Thanks for any help
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Eliminate the outside roost. Then they'll have to roost inside.

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That's a great idea. I'll definitely do that if they don't sort it out soon. Tonight is supposed to be a much colder evening so I'm hoping that itself might drive them in. If not, the floor it is. Daft birds!
Thank you 😊
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May help to only feed them inside. So that they associate the coop with food. And will be less afraid if it.

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Had to put five in tonight's!! They didn't seem as bothered about going in though. I'm going to try taking the outdoor perches out around five tomorrow evening and see if that makes any difference. The stupid thing is, two of them who were at the ends didn't feel too warm when we lifted them and tried to cuddle up to us. Just go inside!!! It'll be warmer!!!

we are going to try dropping the height of the perches inside the coop as well. Just in case they are too high.
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