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questions on keeping an emu herd?

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Ok we are getting things ready for the future. As of right now we have  a total of 9 emus! 2 yearling females and 7... 3 month old chicks. We have a large pen......the pen is 100 X 100 on all sides ...which has an over hang and a run in shelter... well beside it we have ANOTHER pen much smaller but it is attached to our barn where our 2 yearlings wintered. OK so im trying to figure out how we will do things in the future with separating them into breeding pairs BUT our pen is PRETTY large.....with tall feces 6 foot all around with some places 7 feet... BUT back to my question is it possible to keep them all together? i know a few people do it and they do JUST fine. But i know alot of people who claim pairs or trios are the only way to still on the fence. i know **** gets real during breeding season ....i mean i have the ability to have them in pairs im just thinking of juggling different ideas SO im thinking of attaching the pen attached to the barn to the big pen .....ill post just looking for input we want to start a emu FARM so we want whats besst for the animals yet kind of easiest on us. the first two pictures are of the smaller pen ( but it gets larger all the time since i buy more kennel panels all the time but id take the section of fence down and attach it......




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My experience is that it's a nightmare.... I have 9 in total different ages, taken me along time to mix them and they still fight like hell randomly... I'm hoping they will mix.
Be prepared for injuries.
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Hmmm . . .  I don’t know if you know this, but the two beautiful birds in the photo have truly rare plumage. Now, I only pop in every so often, so you’ll have to do the hard yards.


[Eric the Emu is guuuurking at Mrs Eric just behind the house. Two other wild birds here earlier.]


There exists a mob called ‘divine dromaius’: white emus.


There exists somewhere in the archives a photo of a white/cream emu.


The very occasional wild bird has ‘sandy’ coloring – a bit.


But your birds have white ‘stockings’ and one has a white upper neck.


Most most most unusual. Could they be crosses with white emus?[And the black-headed one has an unusually small 'toosh' plumage. On some wild birds here -- rothschildis -- it extends to with about ten inches of the ground, certainly much more abundant.]


Supreme Emu, South-West Western Australia



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This is my favourite photo ever: Boy Emu is tame-wild: no fences here. He was the consort of Greedy Emu, with five newly hatched chicks under him at this point. Whatever, you can see the size of his toosh plumage
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