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Hatching complications and what to do or not do

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Hello, I have Ameraucana and Ameraucana mix eggs in my still air incubator that are due to hatch on May 17th.  I have two who have pipped, an Ameraucana and a Black Copper Maran-Ameraucana cross. The Ameraucana pipped about 6 am this morning and everything appeared ok then I noticed a gooey liquid when I checked again around 10:30am. I have never had anything like this happen and I'm wondering if I should do something to help the chick? I have read about chicks "drowning" and was wondering if there is any way to prevent this or if anyone wise has had an experience with something similar and what the outcome was? Any advice at all would be great! Thank you for your help!


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Just a couple extra pieces of information... I did not use an egg turner and did pretty much a dry hatch adding no water during incubation and just raised humidity on evening of Day 18 at lock down. Thanks again for any help or information!

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I am assuming you candled on day 18, and they were both good to go?
The reason I ask is because to my inexperienced eyes that stuff looks like what come out of those eggs that seep early on. I realize that can't be though, because the fact is they both pipped.
Infection is what stands out in my mind.
I am assuming you did interven by now.
I do hope your chick is ok, please update and tell us what happened.
I also hope that someone helped on another forum, I know what it's like to sit and wait and not sure what to do.
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Hi Nell, thank you for trying to help out! : ) I didn't get any reply and wasn't sure what to do but hadn't seen any movement for hours and hours on the blue egg that was seeping so I took it out and removed a small piece of shell. I could tell that there didn't appear to be any movement so I took a little more shell and I could see that the beak looked as though there was some sticky dried up liquid inside that looked like the same stuff coming out of the shell. At that point I decided to take a little more of the shell of and it was very obvious that the chick had developed but for some reason died shortly after it started to pip. 


We did candle the eggs and I did see movement before lock down. As I had mentioned it was 2 days early when the blue Ameraucana egg and dark brown Maran egg started to hatch. Good new is that the Black Copper Maran hatched out and is doing excellent!


Not sure if there is something I could've done to intervene so the Ameraucana chick wouldn't have died but I would love to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this and what they did. It seems as though the chick did choke on whatever the sticky liquid was that got in its beak and that was seeping out of the shell shortly after pipping.


Thanks again for responding Nell! It was a little nerve racking not knowing what to do and then checking back here on the forum and not seeing any replies I felt sort of helpless. Is there a better place or a better way to post questions when someone needs a quick answer? I did a search to see if anyone else had ever asked a similar question but wasn't finding anything. 

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Having a batch hatch stinks, my last one failed completely. I had quite a few eggs with developing chicks in them but I messed up and added to much moisture.
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