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Eye Issue, Please Help!

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I don't have a picture but our 2 year hen, Daisy, suddenly developed swelling in the tissue behind her eye. It's been about 5 days and my husband said it looked better. This morning, i saw for myself and it's worse. There seems to be a lump right under the tissue next to her eye. You can push it and it moves around but obviously hurts her.
It's making it hard to see out of the eye.
No foam, bubbles, no sneezing, she's acting normally, eating good weighs the same.
I don't see an injury. I have Baytril on hand that we used for our cat. It's 22 mg tablets. Is there any way i can use that on this chicken in case it's an infection?
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Be sure to check for a foreign body or a peck mark or sting mark in or around the eye. MG and coryza can cause sinus swelling. 

You can use it if you have enough. How much does Daisy weigh. Most sources I have read say to give 10mg to 20mg per Kg or each  2.2 pounds daily. Here is a link about where to buy it and the dosage:

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She is a buff orpington and is an average size. I'm guessing 4 to 6 pounds. I have plenty of the Baytril. It's kind of old but I'm sure it still works. Could i crush it up, soak a bite of bread and get it in her that way?
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So i could give her a crushed up 1/4 of a 22.7 baytril tablet. I was thinking i could crush it up and roll it up in a little bread ball or something she likes
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I think the dosage is 10 mg per each 2.2 lbs, so wouldn't you need to give up to 20-30 mg daily? Casportpony uses Baytril a lot, so maybe you can check with her. I've never had to use it.
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