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So I got an incubator with a fan and a turner, ordered some eggs from an e bay seller with good reviews and started them on the 23rd of April.  I have kept water in there  and have tested the temp occasionally and it always seems to be right where it should be.  They are serama chicks and so far only 3 out of 17 have hatched.  I candled them about 5 or 6 days ago and it looked like maybe 4 were quitters and non starters.  No signs of any more hatching at all, no pips or cracks in the eggs.  When do I give up?  Can I have too much water in there? 

Sorry to be so dumb, looks like I should have done some more reading here before I started but had raised quail before in my uncles incubator and everything went like clockwork.  I hope it isn't too late for them....