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I Don't think it's Bumblefoot?

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Ginger, my golden laced Wyandotte hen is 5 years old, she has had a bum leg for a couple years so when she runs she gallops. She gets around fine, it doesn't seem to bother her, today I noticed her bad foot has some black/brown stuff on it. At first I thought it was bumblefoot but it's not one black scab and it's not swelling. (I've cured my Cochin bantam from bumble foot before, took most of the summer, she had it on both feet)

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It does look like bumblefoot to me, but I would soak the foot in some warm epsom salts or soapy water to see if any of the dark material comes clean. Bumblefoot can be present for a long time, and may not always require surgery unless there is limping, redness or swelling. I find it commonly in my chickens, and after doing the surgery a few times, I only do it for those reasons above. A dark spot in the middle of the foot pad, on the bottom of a toe, or swelling and redness on top and between toes is classic bumblefoot.
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Ginger died in March, she got skinny and would stand puffed up in a corner most of the time, Mom put her to sleep. I'm not sure if it was because if the bumblefoot or not but she was old. And I never could get the bumblefoot to go away, it just got worse.
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Sorry for your loss. One of the most common reasons hen die is from reproductive peoblems such as internal laying, salpingitis,  and egg yolk peritonitis. It helps to get droppings checked by a vet, just to rule out worms and coccidiosis. I would check other chicken's feet for evidence of bumblefoot, just in case they need treatment. Here is some reading about reproductive problems and bumblefoot with a video:

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