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Adding to my flock

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Hi Everyone,


I currently have six, 9 week old chickens in my flock. A few turned out to be roosters so I would like to add a few more to the flock. I purchased 4 month old pullets from a reputable farm in my area. My question is:


1. How do I go about feeding the 9 week olds and the 4 month old chickens? Do they need different food at this point?


2. Any tips on integrating the flock? Should they be added at night time? Should they be quarantined first?


Thank you all for any advice!



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Hi Meg,


Its a good idea to quarantine any new flock additions for 30 days or so.


They can both eat growers food for now. In order to simplify feeding, many members choose to give growers / general flock feed and offer crushed oyster shell as an option so that those birds that are laying can access additional calcium (they know when they need it). 


In terms of introductions, I've included a few links that may help you out.


Flock integration




Intro chicks to adults

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Thank you for the info. I appreciate the advice!

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