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Hostas and Juniper.. Poisonous or not?

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I'm trying to naturalize the pheasant aviary. We have a golden, a red golden and a lady Amherst. All males, were raised together and get along great.

I've been searching high and low to determine whether or not Juniper and hostas are toxic to pheasants. I'm a little confused as differing sites have different opinions. Some sites say they are, some say they're ok.

I've also heard scarlet runner beans are a no-no as well as sweet peas... I was hoping to add some vines for shade.

Is anyone using these plants or can tell me for sure if they're safe to use?

I'd also like any other input you may have on plant selection.

We're in Eastern Ontario plant zone 5

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boxwood, dwarf pines, trumpet honeysuckle is good as a climbing vine and will attract humming birds, Lilacs, Rosa Rugosa roses, and regular turf grass are good choices. Be aware that it's important to plant these either before the birds are present in the pen or if they are protect the plants root area from the birds' digging. DON'T use any kind of cedar mulch it is toxic. some hardy ornamental grasses can also be used if given time to root and establish themselves. On the whole sturdy tough conifers for me have been the best choice.


Stay away from using plants like: Wisteria, Yew, angels trumpet, monkshood, lupine, delphinium, Juniper (some species are toxic some aren't but guessing is a gamble and often garden center varieties are hybrids so they are unlikely to be 100% safe) Rhododendron, Jack in the Pulpit, Foxglove, Ornamental ferns (some are toxic), daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and crocus (they'll get torn up and some are toxic), Irises (toxic), and rhubarb


Hope this helps

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Thank you so much!
I tried petunias, found out the hard way that they should have some chicken wire around them.. No more petunias lol. I have lilacs everywhere here, I'll transplant a smallish one for them. I'll try roses and trumpet honeysuckle too.
I was thinking sumac, the deer eat it and it grows fast, they really need shade.

I'll post some pictures after I plant.

I really appreciate the reply.
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Your welcome

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