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spent grain

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My son has a brewery and has a lot of spent grain.  Can it be fed to chickens and at what age, if it can?

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We've fed ours spent mash for years, but only as treats.  We've tried a 50/50, 70/30, 80/20, and it always was a disaster in one way or another.


However, a frozen bag of mash on a 110 degree day (once a week) always is a huge hit and cools everyone down!


I've given it to 4 month olds in moderation, free fed it to anyone over a year.


Keep in mind that fresh, spent mash will ferment quickly after 24 hours and start composting very soon after.  Feed it immediately and freeze all else for later consumption. 

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How do you freezer?  Muffin tins, ice cube trays, Ziploc bags...?  Just trying to figure out the easiest way.

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The easiest way is your preference. Cottage cheese containers that you can pop the frozen treat put works well. Ziploc bags can make nice size daily treats and you can pack a ton in the freezer.
Use the extra to start a killer compost pile. It can save a considerable amount of feed if you give the chickens access to it.
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We use 5(?) gallon office trash bags and fill them half full.  I would definitely recommend a different container.  Like Percheron chick said a cottage cheese container, or anything with sloped walls so it doesn't take multiple expletives to get it out.


We typically get our spent mash in 55 gallon barrels, so it takes more than a few containers to make the most of it.

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