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Having trouble hatching ducks

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We had about 45-50 duck eggs so far this year. We only got 5 ducklings, which seems pretty weird considering all the duck eggs we got. They were from our ducks so it wasn't from the eggs being shipped or anything. We waited 14 days after the eggs were supposed to hatch but then when we looked at them closely, there were dark shadowy places around the eggs.... that never happened with our chicken eggs.
We have the temperature right at 99.5degrees-100degrees at all times. The humidity is always at 65%-75%... Is that the right amount?
The ducks we have are two 1year old females, and an 8 month old. Our Drake is 8 months old as well. Is that too young?
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Hatching Muscovy in an incubator is a tricky process.  I wish I had the secret sauce to share.  Out of the 25 originals in our first batch.  We got 1.  So, Uno is now 4 weeks old and it's getting close to the time when we need to integrate him with the flock.  Our second attempt was not a start - finish deal.  We took eggs from ducks who had been sitting for some time.  We've gotten 3 ducklings from doing it that way.  In the mean time, three different ducks have hatched 9 ducklings.  So, Ducks 9 - humans 4 (we'll take the partial credit)  There are a few threads here where a few of us have lamented all about the same results.  I'm leaning towards long-term storage for the incubator and let momma ducks do their voodoo that they dooooo....  Sorry, terrible schtick humor.

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Hi! We actually don't have Muscovy ducks. Are all ducks hard to hatch? None of our 'large' ducks have brooded, but our call duck is brooding now so we'll see how this goes.
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My apologies!  I have no idea why I thought Muscovy.... I can't speak for any other breed, we've only got the 'Scovies.  Sorry!!

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That's okay!! Thanks anyway. 😊
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8 months old for the male could be a bit young.

Have you checked to see that the eggs are fertile before placing any in the incubator? Candle along the way to see they are developing?

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We candle them right before we stop turning them. They are fertile, and a lot of them are fully developed, but they just don't hatch. It's strange, because some even move and peep but never pip.
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