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Preening Gland trouble

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Hi everyone,


I'm a brand new poster to the forum (have been reading for months), and have had chickens for one year. One of our girls has been losing feathers around her preening gland; a couple even look broken. Any ideas?


FYI we have 3 Plymouth Rocks all one year old and one 5 year old Australorp or Jersey Giant that we inherited. Not for nothing, but we're also pretty sure that the old lady is eating eggs. She doesn't lay anymore.


Thanks for your help!

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Welcome. Can you post a picture? She may be getting feather picked there, but infections of the preen gland with abscess are common. Redness, swelling, may be symptoms. You can use BluKote spray or Nustock cream to help prevent pecking, but if there is an abscess, it may need to be lanced. Use caution not to damage the gland. Warm compresses while holding the chicken may also help.plain neosporin or Vetericyn can be used after lancing.
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Thanks! Doesn't seem to be infected. I'm going to get the spray and give it a whirl. Will report back.

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