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antibotic treatment

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How long, if sucessful, do you treat a chicken with EYP? (Egg yolk periontitis(spelling?)) Ive been for seven days now along with electrolytes, calcium on food, metacam, lots of food , Epson salt soaks and fresh water. She is improving, her swelling went from the size of a melon (cantaloupe) to grapefruit/orange has a normal walk but still gets tired fairly quick if i let her out. Suggestions? This is my second post for help!!
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In my opinion antibiotics can be used for supportive care to treat any secondary infections from EYP, you will have to decide "how long" is long enough when continuing treatment. Quality of life can sometimes help in making that determination.


Here is some info on EYP. There are plenty of articles here on BYC as well.

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Thank you im not even sure that it is eyp but is doing so much better since antibotics and other supportive measures. I just dont want to stop then have her go down hill again. As of right now her QOL is good so it seems just when i let her out she goes out for about an hour and is completely pooped after and is running for her bed (yes she has a dog bed haha) as of now i dont know if im helping heal what is wrong or just masking but like i had mentioned her swelling went down tremendously and seems to be a happy ol girl.
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What symptoms make you suspect she has EYP?

How old is she and when was the last time she laid and egg?

Where is the swelling and what does it feel like, fluid filled, hard, etc.?

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Eyp was the only thing i could think of, orginally I had thought she was egg bound because of her stance or gait, but typically (I read-not sure if true) they die after 48 hours? She was lethargic, decreased appetite (if any at all, I had to syringe feed baby food for a day) yellow diarrhea huge abdominal swelling that felt honestly like ten eggs! But once starting Epsom soaks, antibotics, pain meds (formulated for chickens), calcium on food, electrolytes and tos of chicken feed and baby food she improved dramatically. The swelling went from the size of a cantaloup melon to that of a grapefruit or orange but the swelling is still there and this is day 9. Will the swelling ever go away? Could it be somethig else?
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Day one of treatment-note posture
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Best pic I have as she sleeping now
Day 8 of treatment
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The stance does look like EYP. The meds should give her supportive care and help with any secondary infection.

It sounds like you are doing all you can do.

I don't think the swelling will ever really go away. Unfortunately from what limited knowledge I have on the subject there is really no cure. so supportive treatment and care is the best you can do to prolong her for a while. Just keep an eye on her, give her the TLC you have been giving and make her as comfortable as you can. I think you will know when she starts to decline.

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Thank you for the advice I was really at a loss of what to do. I wish it was curable I love this chicken wink.png supportive care it is!! Im always open to advice and better options. People think im crazy because how far ive went with treating her, what can I say she stole my heart! She is 9 years old she shall be spoiled for the time being smile.png
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