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Unknown problem

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One of my hens has a mess of feces on her behind and a red portion that looks like a thumb hanging out.  I have tried to catch her to no avail.  She is a year old and otherwise healthy and is eating and drinking normally.  Does anyone know what's wrong with her? I am a first time chicken owner.  Help!  

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Looks like it may be a prolapse.

You will need to try to separate her so the others don't pick at it an make it worse.

If you can't catch her wait until dark when she goes to roost, you should be able to get her easily then.

The link below has some great information on treating prolapse.

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Thanks a lot.  My vet agreed to take a look at her and it is a blow out alright.  We decided against sutures due to a possible egg and she was xrayed.  It showed nothing but she did lay an egg the next day to my surprise.  She has been in a darkened room in my house for five days.  I got a lot of the muck off her after two baths.  I put some preparation H on her and my vet gave me some lube for the vent.  I notice that yesterday there was no prolapse but she still has a big bulge and has it today.  I am checking on her constantly and cancelled all my plans to stay at home.  But I cannot go on like this indefinitely.  No egg today.  She is eating a lot of spring mix lettuce but very little layer feed.  She is drinking and eating.  How long will this bulge remain?  I am no longer inserting my finger into her as the vet doesn't want me to - gotta get that swelling down somehow!  

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Not sure what wrong with my girl. She's eating and drinking and her poop is normal and her vent is perfect, I couldn't feel if she was egg bound.sge just looks sick. She's 4 years old.
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