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We have a Styrofoam incubator and is new to the process of hatching chicken eggs. We have had three eggs/chicks get to the piping stage, but do not progress after that and eventually die in the egg. The temp and humidity seem to be correct according to the factory. We would love to see these chicks hatch out completely. WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG? It breaks my heart to see this happening and would appreciate any advice available.

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I'm pretty new to incubating too but I wanted to post a few threads that have answered many of my questions. The first 3 I tried to post didn't show up so I will have to do it one at a time. Hope it helps
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I don't know if maybe this was the problem or not but hopefully this will help.
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Ain't I don't know what the issue was, hopefully someone will be of more help, but if the chick needed assistance maybe this will help.
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Ain't is supposed to say again, apparently spell check hates me today lol
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