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Incubator troubles

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First, I want to thank the person who advised me to wait to assist a hatch for 24hrs. Although he pipped right in the center of the shell, he had determination and hatched perfectly fine about 6 hours after I posted.

SITUATION-After setting the eggs in the Brinsea Mini Advance I had an excellent turnout with 5 healthy eggs ready for lockdown and 1 questionable. After 24 hours from hatch I quickly candled them to see the questionable one was clearly dead as the air cell was ruptured. I decided later in the day to water test the last two and it was clear they both were dead.

My students and I did an "eggopsy" and thanks to an awesome thread here determined all 3 had died from too high humidity.

QUESTION-Is it possible that one side of the incubator performed differently than the other? I say this because all three that died of the humidity being too high were together along the back side. The 3 that survived, even after pipping in the center and one pipping through the air cell area, were all together along the front. All 3 appeared to die between day 18, after lockdown, and day 19 as nearly all but a tiny bit of yolk was absorbed.

Thanks for the help!
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I'm asking because, at home I set 6 eggs in a homemade bator.
I'd like to switch them to the Brinsea if I know it'll be ok.
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