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Help in treating sick chcickn -maggots

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I need help in treating my three year old silver laced Wyandotte.  She was acting sluggish yesterday and puffing her feathers out and standing on one leg.  Her legs looked scaly and black so I thought she might have scaly leg mites.  I put her in n Epsom salt bath and washed her legs and put Vaseline on them.  I also gave her some bread soaked in silver shield to boost here immune system..  I toke her back outside and when I sat her on the ground I saw what I now know was maggots falling out of her back side.  I first thought they were worms so I spent the eveing trying to figure out what kind and what to do.  I finally ran across an article about fly-strike and maggots.


This morning I put her in an Epsom salt bath and washed her backside.  The maggots were gone but several feathers fell out in the process.  Here is a picture of what she looked like when I cleaned her up.  I don't know if she has fly-strike or if this is something else.

I have isolated her in the hospital cage for now.  Any suggestions on what may be wrong and what I should do to help her.  We do not have any vets locally that will treat chickens so I am on my own here.

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There may be more maggots inside. The warm epsom salts soaks or a soap or betadine soak every day may help to get more out. You need to get every maggot out that you can see. Use some plain neosporin on her vent, and it may help to use a permethrin spray or ointment such as SWAT to kill the maggots. Try to get her to eat and drink, but this can be difficult to treat. By doing a search at the top of this page, you will see many threads to read on the subject. Good luck, and let us know how she gets along.
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 Thank you for the information..  I have ordered some vertricyn spray and will be here tomorrow.  I will continue with the baths and maybe I will cut the feathers around the black wound so it can get more air. I wonder if this condition is contagious?  Are my other chickens at rish?

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maybe you should cut some of her feathers so you can see better. 

we had to do that as the maggots were so bad.

It def was flystrike

she still has the bald spot. but she alive

so I do butt checks everynite    dont want maggots on the vents when they have loose poo

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It is caused by flies on wounds or on poopy butts, so just make sure the others have clean vents. Keep your sick chicken inside away from flies. Let us know how she is doing. The permethrin or ointment can really be useful to kill the maggots. There can be more inside, so the baths can really help. Tweezers can be used with a magnifying glass to get many of them.
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