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weird chirping??

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one of my rirs (i cant tell if its the 1 month old or the two week old) is making a really weird chirping noise. Its like a bunch of chirps in a row, then she pauses, and then does a bunch more in a row, and so on. each series of chirps is like 1 or 2 seconds long. is there anything to be worried about? has this happened to anyone? 




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It sounds like the chick might be cold?

In general chicks just peep along happily.

Hope that helps? Check your temp.

Bouncers Mom..........Quack!
Bouncers Mom..........Quack!
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Does it continue or does it happen at certain times a day? She could be calling the flock to do something. I have one that calls for the rest of the flock to go to sleep with a series of strange chirping sounds every night. Could it be that or does it sound like she is distressed? Distressed chirps are very loud and don't stop until the situation that's making the chick unhappy is resolved. So which do you think it is?
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