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Can anyone name this breed?

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    Golden Comet
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    Rhode Island Red
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Hi there. I really need help! I went to the feed store to buy 3 Rhode Island Whites and 3 Amercaunas. There were 2 larger chicks in the box with all of the other new chicks. I have 1 year old chickens already but they were not chicks when I got them so this was my first experience buying chicks. I called 2 days later to find out exactly how old the 2 older chicks were only to find out what I was given was not Rhode Island Whites to start with. I was told they didn't know what I brought home? HUH? They did give me 2 more RIW's but when I showed them photo's they said they didn't know what those were! SO, I think They are Golden Comets because the box next to the RIW's were Golden Comets (according to the girl). I am hoping they are not RIR's I have my second one now and she is mean too! I don't want anymore RIR's. I was going by their list of chicks but apparently I shouldnt have followed that? I hope buying chicks in the future is not this frustrating. So Here are what they looked like the day I brought them home. I will go take a few more of what they look like now. Please help me figure this out? Thank you so much in advance!




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The top two do look to be gold comets. The other two larger white chicks are not Rhode Island Whites. Rhode Island Whites are rose combed, and those chicks are single combed. So they are likely white rocks or something. Several breeds start out as white chicks with single combs. So I'm afraid you'll have to wait it out on them.

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Thank you so much! I'll assume they are golden comets as all of the photos are of the same 2 chicks 1 week apart. I don't think I included any photos of the RIW's so that makes me feel better. They were not selling any White Rocks so that makes me feel better too! Thanks for answering! wink.png
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