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Which Chicken is Right for Me?

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I am looking for a new chicken or two, but not sure what breed to look for. I would like a chicken that lays quite well, is pretty in appearance, is very friendly and would make a great pet, is broody and popular for showing (I am would show this chicken). Any ideas? I thought perhaps an Orpington or a Silkie, but what do you lot think?
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Ok well u want somethings that lays well, pretty in appearance good show bird and is a good broody but friendly. Ok first off the silkie dosnt lay well but is a good show bird and is a good broody and calm bird, but if u want to show u can't get from a hatchery. Orpington is a calm bird but they don't go broody very often. I think the best option for u would be a americauna because they are a good show, pretty in appearance, goes broody, and can be calm but if they are raised right, and they lay about 250 eggs a year were a silkie and an Orpington only lays about 100-150 eggs a year
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Silkie's don't usually lay well, but are great for gentle, show birds! In my opinion, my Orpingtons have been less gentle then my other birds, but that could just be for my two. They are a good laying breed though. I like Auatralorps or Black Jersey Giants. Mine is so gentle and loves to be held and even takes walks in the woods with me!! Mine lay eggs daily and they are decent sized. They are really pretty in the light with a blue and green tint. they are pretty, gentle, and great layers! As for a broody breed I am not so sure yet as she has not gone broody, but silkies and great mothers!

My little Silkie is in the back and that's Poe my friendliest chicken!
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Your silkie isn't the friendliest that's odd is it hatchery?
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Can you tell us a little more about your circumstances? What part of the country are you in? Hot or cold? Do you plan to free range or keep them mostly in  a run? Broody and high yearly egg production don't often go together.


I have several breeds including silkies who my absolute favorites. I live in TN where the winter temps are moderate and my silkies lay much of the winter and aren't very affected by cold. They lay a medium-small light brown to cream egg.  However, come spring, they are frequently broody which means at least a month with no eggs from that hen, more likely two months or more. But  most of the non broody chickens ramp up production in the spring/summer so  that means I get closer to the same amount of eggs year round so its not bad. Silkies are the sweetest in my opinion but they don't free range well if you have a lot of predators (they are slow and don't really fly). With any breed, it is also a matter of  is how you raise them. Constant attention and cuddling and treats go a long way with any breed. If you think the silkies are too delicate for where you live,  maybe consider black australorp. My girl is a very sweet and likes to be picked up and will eat out of my hand. The breed is  good sized (7-8 pound hens) great layers and mine goes broody only about once a year. (as compared to my silkies who can be broody 3-4 times a year or more). Cochins (either full size or bantam) are very sweet and are shown a lot  but they have the same broody interrupts laying issues as silkies). Orpingtons are HUGE but cool. They lay well and are sometimes broody/sometimes not. They can be sweet but in my opinion are not as sweet as silkies. They are sometimes are scary to smaller kids because they are so big and too hard to pick up, Little kids seem to gravitate to silkies.  Speckled sussex I consider an all around winner but in some part of the country there aren't many in showing competition. 


As Roada says, no mater what breed you choose, find a show breeder, not hatchery stock if you think you might  want to show.  If you can, attend a poultry show or state fair and see some of these breeds in person. You will probably find some nice local breeders and you may fall for a breed you've never even heard of. 

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My Silkie is not agresive at all and the only problem I have with her is that she hardly lay any eggs at least not compared to my Jersey Giant. As I said silkies and gently and pretty show birds. She is not hatchery
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Ya she doesn't lay as many eggs because of the broodyness so the silkie may not be the bird for u if u arnt wanting something that is that broody but can still give u enough eggs and still be a breed that u would like to show that why I mentioned the americauna.
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Specks321, when I read your list of requirements I immediately thought "Buff Orpington". My Buffs are the most docile and friendly of my birds. They're awesome pets. One of them is super broody, in fact right now she's in "broody jail" to try to snap her out of it. They are excellent egg layers, hardy and of course very pretty! My white Orpingtons are not as friendly as the Buffs for whatever reason but are still really nice birds. It's just that the Buffs are total sweethearts.
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I've heard from several experienced folks that Black Australorps are like puppies and want to sit on your lap and follow you around.  I believe they go broody, and are great layers.  They sure are attractive looking birds.  And also good in hot or cold climates.

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Ya there great birds I don't own any but i thought about them before. But u have to think with there color in hotter climates there color will make them hotter just like if u were to wear a dark colored shirt in 90 degree heat.
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