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Questions in mottled orpingtons

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So I have an Orpington pullet that's mottled but with hardly any mottling she's 3 months. Will she get more mottling after her first molt or should she already be showing a decent amount of mottling?
Also I have another pullet also 3 months who has a ton of mottling. However some of her chest feathers are solid white and not just tipped white. Is this bad? A deal breaker? Is it possible when she molts that those handful of solid white feathers will end up tipped? Thanks
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I had mottled houdans in the past and the mottling varied from bird to bird. Some birds showed a  little mottling and others showed large patches of white feathers. It is also my understanding that as the bird ages more mottling will show in the plumage.


From Carefoots work with mottling and the pied (exchequer) phenotypes, there may be more than one allele at the mottling locus. I also believe that the columbian gene will modify the mottling phenotype restricting the white to the tip of the feather. 


If you compare the mottling in a speckled sussex with  black/mottled birds there is a big difference in the two types of mottling. The ancona is an example of a black that has white restriction.


If the columbian gene is causing the difference, a cross between a mottled orpngton and a rhode island red should reveal some interesting offspring results. 


Then crossing the offspring should produce some black birds with mottling that is restricted to the tips of the feathers and not an unorganized mottled phenotype. 

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Nice thanks for that info!!wink.png
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