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A few issues...possibly related?

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I've got a one year old Easter Egger who has been laying very thin shelled eggs. The eggs often have calcium deposits on them. The rest of the 17 hens have nice thick shelled eggs. They are on Feather Fixer now - we've had feather plucking/eating issues - and unlimited oyster shells. A few times we've found broken eggs from this Easter Egger in the nest. Today, I found eggs coated in yolk. I'm not sure which of the 3 EEs lays the thin shelled eggs, but they all seem happy and healthy (though quite low in the pecking order).

Do I have an internal layer who isn't showing outward symptoms? (The brown bit is a leaf)

Problem #2

This BCM has had pale comb/waddles and her face looks swollen. I've looked all over for an answer, but I can not find one. She has white poo all over her bum feathers. She likely hasn't laid in weeks, and I first noticed the paleness and swelling 2 months ago. She is not as active as the other hens, but still eats and does not seem to socialize as much as the others. Also, she is much larger looking than the other BCM from the same hatch. I felt under her vent/belly today, and it doesn't feel hard or wobbly - I compared to a healthy hen. As luck would have it she pooped! It's a very tiny poop, but I saw no signs of parasites or other irregularities.

I looked and looked for signs of mites/lice and found none - though I treated all the hens and the coop - twice.

Does anyone have any advice for me? What should I do next?
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Any ideas at all? Please?
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