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What feed

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I have 8 Rhode Island Red pullets that are 10 weeks old will be 11 weeks old this Thursday and I was wondering what type of feed to give them...

Thanks for the help
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Now can i keep that and when they start to lay give them oyster shells and as they get older and not have to worry about geting layer feed ?
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Depends on whether you will have a mixed flock of age / gender. If your flock remains as it is (all pullets and the same age), then start them on layers feed and theres no need for oyster shell once they begin to lay.



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Originally Posted by wyatt015 View Post

you can start layer at 20 to 24 weeks..
Never waste feed.. feed out the grower first then switch to layer about 24 weeks.. even if it's past that ..grower won't hurt..
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Only start layer ration once you get your first egg.

Doesn't matter if the rest haven't started laying yet.

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