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Sudden frequent tiny eggs

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We are suddenly getting tiny eggs from someone. We have 9 three-year olds, 11 two-year olds, and 6 eighteen-month olds. All have been laying normal size eggs since reaching egg laying age. Suddenly we are finding a tiny egg almost every day.  I've seen threads about the occasional tiny egg, but not sudden daily tiny eggs. Any thoughts?

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Can you  post some photos?

Are the eggs "complete" inside (yolk and white) or are they "empty" like a fart/wind egg?

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No photos yet, but I can take them later today. They look just like regular eggs, but small, about the size of a quail egg. They are about one inch long and 1/2 inch in diameter. We have no bantams or quails. I broke one open yesterday, and it had no yolk. Also saw no bits of flesh, as some have found to cause the problem. The white was very thick, like the descriptions of middle and internal albumin. We've had one-off weird eggs before, which are more curiosities, but this daily tiny egg is worrying. We are trying to keep a close watch on the nest boxes to figure out who's laying them. No one appears ill, and we wormed them last month. No panic here, just a niggling worry that there's a problem brewing that I should take care of before it becomes a crisis.

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And just as suddenly and mysteriously, they've stopped.  :hu

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Hopefully whatever it was worked itself out.

Chickens are such a mystery.

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