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Thoughts on used coop and run

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Hello all,

I was hoping to get some feedback on a used coop I am thinking about purchasing locally. I have attached photos but some details: 5 feet by 5 feet with a max height of 6 feet. Made of pressure treated and sealed wood with double windows on three sides and double glass doors. Shingle roof. It also has a 8 foot by 5 foot run. Some immediate improvements I see needing to be made are a nesting box, larger and taller run, I also see some areas with a large gap with no wire in the run. This was handmade and used for three months before the owner had to relocate her chickens due to a zoning issue. Do you guys think the coop is a good purchase and what improvements are 


Thank you!


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Looks good. Build a bump out with exterior access for nest boxes. It will save all the floor space for living area.

You will thank yourself later for a taller run, preferably with a door you can get a wheelbarrow through.

I'd also use hardware cloth or welded wire fencing rather than chicken wire.
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No nest? Guess he did not need them yet.

Look like a good coop. I would raise the roost, install interior loft style nest, using a window as access to nest, install gable vents with shutters.

The run height is fine, unless you plan to plan to be in it too.
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He had only had some babies in there for about three months and didn't do a nesting box yet since they weren't laying. When you say loft style nesting boxes do you mean installing them a little ways up on the wall? Thanks!

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My coop is similar to this one as in a big box exterior. My nest is 18" above the floor. It is also a stepping to the roosts at 30". No ramp. All dimensions are flexible to suit your situation.

The run also resembles mine, with modular design and removable tops.
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