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Snapping Turtle injury....

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I have a juvenile embden goose who was attacked by a snapping turtle... he got her foot pretty badly, the center toe and webbing were almost bitten all the way off... we cut away all of the tissue that looked infected and since the center toe was just hanging by a thread and the bone completely stripped of muscle/webbing we removed it as well. the bone to the ankle joint is currently exposed but isn't bleeding... she's able to bear some weight on the foot. I'm thinking she will recover but wanted to know if there was anything we could do to get the skin to grow over the foot any faster as I think letting her swim would be benefitial to her recovery but don't want to get any infections from bacteria in the water... Yep, we have plans to deal with the turtle, though don't tell me animals don't communicate, none of my ducks or geese have gone into the water since her attack.


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Awww poor little thing. I don't have any advice for you, but am curious to know what your plans are to catch the turtle. We already killed one that was heading to our pond and wonder how many more could be lurking in there. I just today put a few ducks in to test the waters....
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Actually I thought of something, I haven't used it on geese but have on turkeys.mlook uo B and W salve, it's made by the Amish and it worked awesome on our turkey who was pretty severely injured. Otherwise a good comfrey salve may help (so long as geese can do comfrey) it helps tissues heal quickly. I always keep b&w on hand for us and the animals. It's a great natural remedy to have on the farm.
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