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Found this little one after its mom and siblings left it behind. It has been injured somehow on its eye it is still very alert and seems healthy though very lethargic. I am hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on what I can do or what I should try. I have successfully helped hatch chicks before but never taken care of any.
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Welcome to BYC. How old is the chick? Is there any way to place the chick back with the broody hen, and observe how she treats it? Is there any blood or red on the chick? Is the eye swollen or closed? Do you know if another hen attacked it or the broody did? Can you take a picture of the chick? There could be a possibility that something is wrong with it, and the broody could have pecked it, but you will need to keep it warm in a brooder if it cannot go back with it's siblings.Do you have any SaveAChick electrolytes that you can add to it's water, and make sure that it is drinking?

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