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The brand is autonics. Model is tk4s . There are many brands and models of PID's  this is just the one I prefer.  You can run into the same problem as many PID controllers use relay output. I use controllers with an ssr driver.  The driver pulses 12vdc current to cycle a solid state relay . The controller does not power the heating  element directly. With this type setup it's possible to control temps to .1 deg F precision, which is not necessary to hatch eggs, but why not if you can. A quality unit will cost $50 to a $100 , plus the ssr and sensor.The switch and pilot light in the photo are for a secondary and redundant wafer thermostat. Cheap insurance in the unlikely event the PID should fail. I think if you use a ssr in conjunction with your mh1250 controller they would last 10x as long. You would want an ssr with AC output and control voltage.